Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Day 8

I don't like today's soup. There's nothing to it, its pretty flavourless.

Here's the recipe:

Healthy Eyes, Healthy Body

6 large carrots
1 medium onion
1pt veg stock
Good handful of fresh basil.
1 large orange

Chop up carrots into chunks
Boil until soft enough to mash.
Chop onion into small pieces (i should have said dice...).
Turn off the heat under the carrots and put in onion. you want to soften it and avoid overcooking it.
Add roughly chopped herbs (remember: basil should always be torn!). and leave to wilt with carrots and onions.

Put carrots, onion and basil into blender and blend away til you get a thick, smooth puree. Then add veg stock and blend again to mix.
Add orange (peeled) and blend again.

I don't like this one. it hasn't come out at all good. I think i wanted it more carroty and more orangey, but its a bit watery and not very flavourful. Its also really sweet.
I think tomorrow i might try adding a few more vegetables, and a good amount of seasoning. I need something to take down the sweetness.
Any suggestions welcome!!


Niki said...

bit of black pepper to bring out the flavour? Not a lot, just a sprinkling...

The Fee Fairy said...

Didn't work. It was still horrible.i gave up on it in the end!