Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Day 9

I think i've managed to turn round the disastrous soup.
I added:

1pt Veg stock
a piece of fresh ginger about the size of my thumb
a potato (not baking size, large normal potato size), cut into chunks and then boiled until it was really soft
some salt
some black pepper
and about a teaspoon of chilli powder.
1large, or 2 small garlic cloves, cut into small pieces

I think i might have overdone the spicing with chilli and ginger though... It is now a very warming winter soup. Much better than yesterday's tasteless offerings!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Day 8

I don't like today's soup. There's nothing to it, its pretty flavourless.

Here's the recipe:

Healthy Eyes, Healthy Body

6 large carrots
1 medium onion
1pt veg stock
Good handful of fresh basil.
1 large orange

Chop up carrots into chunks
Boil until soft enough to mash.
Chop onion into small pieces (i should have said dice...).
Turn off the heat under the carrots and put in onion. you want to soften it and avoid overcooking it.
Add roughly chopped herbs (remember: basil should always be torn!). and leave to wilt with carrots and onions.

Put carrots, onion and basil into blender and blend away til you get a thick, smooth puree. Then add veg stock and blend again to mix.
Add orange (peeled) and blend again.

I don't like this one. it hasn't come out at all good. I think i wanted it more carroty and more orangey, but its a bit watery and not very flavourful. Its also really sweet.
I think tomorrow i might try adding a few more vegetables, and a good amount of seasoning. I need something to take down the sweetness.
Any suggestions welcome!!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Day 7

Today i'm finishing up Spuds leeked News.
For a milk-based soup, its lasted really well. I've been keeping it in the fridge in an ice cream tub.

We had roast chicken for dinner last night, so this morning, wheile i was warming the soup up, i chopped up one of the chicken breasts left, and added it to the soup. I then set the soup onto a rolling boil for a good five minutes to make sure that the chicken was well warmed through.

It should be delicious! I also added a bit of black pepper. I love freshly ground black pepper, and it complements the creaminess of the soup perfectly. yum Yum!

Should be new soup tomorrow! I bought a 5k bag of carrots yesterday, so i have a feeling that the soup may be heavily carrot based...

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Day 6

Spuds leeked News is still going.

Because its white sauce based, it sets in the fridge, so i just added a pint of hot veg stock to get it all moving, and then warmed it up. I love this soup, it is my favourite to make, and to eat. Its filling because it has bits in it - lumps of potato and mushroom, and its tasty. It also gets better if you leave it - the flavours really infuse together.


Thursday, 8 November 2007

Day 5

I forgot to update you all on the progress of The Exorcism of Smoky B!!

It was lovely, it did do as i suspected and mellowed nicely. It wasn't quite so good the second day after it was made - the meat had completely lost its smokiness, but it was very very tender.

So...New recipe today:

Spud's Leeked News

A medium saucepan of potato bits (i chopped up a load of tiny potatoes that i found at the bottom of the bin - leave the skins on!!)
1 Large Leek
6 Medium Mushrooms

Good dollop of butter
good sprinkle of plain flour
1pt milk
1pt veg stock

Cook the potatoes. Drain.
Chop the leek up, and the mushrooms. Add potatoes and leek to saucepan with a little olive oil in the bottom. Add mushrooms when the leek is soft.

Melt butter in another saucepan, and add flour to make a bread crumb consistency. Then add milk and whisk like made until its all smooth. Add veg stock to vegetables in saucepan and cook for 5 minutes. Add veg saucepan to sauce saucepan and mix well. it will look like its curding at first, but keep it on a low heat and mix well and it'll be good.

Season if preferred. i like a good grind of black pepper in it - but i do like black pepper!!

It hould come out as a smooth creamy soup with potato, leek and mushroom pieces. you can blend it all to make a really smooth soup with flavour, but personally, i prefer having the bits. It will be tasty!!

If there's anyone having a go at these recipes, please let me know how you get on too!!

Monday, 5 November 2007

Day 4

Today i have a new soup recipe!

The Exorcism of Smoky B

3 Medium/Large carrots
2 medium parsnips
4 large spinach leaves
A good amount of Swede (i'm guessing about a small swede - i was cutting it off of a gigantic swede!!)
1pt Veg stock
1/2 pt full cream milk
Couple of good handfuls frozen peas
1/2 lb Smoked ham/bacon joint

Cut carrots, parsnips and swede into small chunks and boil for about half an hour, or until they're all soft.
Add spinach and peas
Leave to cook for another 10 mins

Drain veg and add to blender with stock and 1/2 milk. Blend like a maniac! It takes a bit of blending because of the root vegetables.

Cut ham/bacon into small cubes. I have a happy eater 1pt thermos flask that takes my soup every day, so i guaged the cube size on the opening for it.

Add ham/bacon to blended soup, swish out blender with remaining milk.

This soup is not overly thick, which is nice. usually, when i make soup, it ends up really thick, but i wanted something more runny, and i think the addition of the extra milk has really helped. The veg have gone nice and sweet with a definite overtone of swede. The bacon adds a nice salty edge to it and the smoked flavour comes through nicely. I'm going to update again tomorrow to add what it tastes like after the bacon has been in it for a night. I'm hoping that the sweetness of the veg has taken the edge off of the bacon, and the saltiness of the bacon has taken the edge off the sweetness of the veg.

I decided to give it that name because it is green...pea green! So, pea soup for the exorcism and smoky b for the bacon. Yummy!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Day Three

I only had half a pint of Hey Fungi! left today, so i mixed it with half a pint of Covent Garden Wild Mushroom...I think this created the perfect soup. Its thick enough to be filling, and smooth, and runny enough to cme out of the cup properly. Absolutely wonderful! I have the Covent Garden Soup Company recipe book somewhere. I might have to work on a hybrid - Hey Wild Fungi!

Instead of a recipe tday, here's a link to The Covent Garden Soup Company:

Have a look, enjoy, salivate and cook!