Thursday, 8 November 2007

Day 5

I forgot to update you all on the progress of The Exorcism of Smoky B!!

It was lovely, it did do as i suspected and mellowed nicely. It wasn't quite so good the second day after it was made - the meat had completely lost its smokiness, but it was very very tender.

So...New recipe today:

Spud's Leeked News

A medium saucepan of potato bits (i chopped up a load of tiny potatoes that i found at the bottom of the bin - leave the skins on!!)
1 Large Leek
6 Medium Mushrooms

Good dollop of butter
good sprinkle of plain flour
1pt milk
1pt veg stock

Cook the potatoes. Drain.
Chop the leek up, and the mushrooms. Add potatoes and leek to saucepan with a little olive oil in the bottom. Add mushrooms when the leek is soft.

Melt butter in another saucepan, and add flour to make a bread crumb consistency. Then add milk and whisk like made until its all smooth. Add veg stock to vegetables in saucepan and cook for 5 minutes. Add veg saucepan to sauce saucepan and mix well. it will look like its curding at first, but keep it on a low heat and mix well and it'll be good.

Season if preferred. i like a good grind of black pepper in it - but i do like black pepper!!

It hould come out as a smooth creamy soup with potato, leek and mushroom pieces. you can blend it all to make a really smooth soup with flavour, but personally, i prefer having the bits. It will be tasty!!

If there's anyone having a go at these recipes, please let me know how you get on too!!

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