Monday, 5 November 2007

Day 4

Today i have a new soup recipe!

The Exorcism of Smoky B

3 Medium/Large carrots
2 medium parsnips
4 large spinach leaves
A good amount of Swede (i'm guessing about a small swede - i was cutting it off of a gigantic swede!!)
1pt Veg stock
1/2 pt full cream milk
Couple of good handfuls frozen peas
1/2 lb Smoked ham/bacon joint

Cut carrots, parsnips and swede into small chunks and boil for about half an hour, or until they're all soft.
Add spinach and peas
Leave to cook for another 10 mins

Drain veg and add to blender with stock and 1/2 milk. Blend like a maniac! It takes a bit of blending because of the root vegetables.

Cut ham/bacon into small cubes. I have a happy eater 1pt thermos flask that takes my soup every day, so i guaged the cube size on the opening for it.

Add ham/bacon to blended soup, swish out blender with remaining milk.

This soup is not overly thick, which is nice. usually, when i make soup, it ends up really thick, but i wanted something more runny, and i think the addition of the extra milk has really helped. The veg have gone nice and sweet with a definite overtone of swede. The bacon adds a nice salty edge to it and the smoked flavour comes through nicely. I'm going to update again tomorrow to add what it tastes like after the bacon has been in it for a night. I'm hoping that the sweetness of the veg has taken the edge off of the bacon, and the saltiness of the bacon has taken the edge off the sweetness of the veg.

I decided to give it that name because it is green...pea green! So, pea soup for the exorcism and smoky b for the bacon. Yummy!


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy Fee,

Think I'll give it a go!


The Fee Fairy said...

let me know if it comes out well for you too!