Monday, 10 December 2007

Tasty Fungi

Today's soup is Tasty Fungi
Half a box of mushrooms (don't know how many...four good handfuls?)
1 veg oxo cube/1pt veg stock
small amount of butter
1clove garlic
handful of parsley
1pt water
2 medium onions
Cut the onions up, and quarter the mushrooms.
Boil them in the pt of water and leave to reduce to half.
Make up the veg stock, and add the garlic (chopped) and the parsley (chopped). Leave the garlic and the parsley in the stock to cook.
Put everything into a blender - start with all the onion/mushroom mixture and half the stock mixture. When they've blended, slowly add the rest of the stock mixture and keep blending til its all smooth.
It comes out as a thick, dark grey soup. its filling and tasty - it has a good mushroom taste with a hint of garlic..
Apologies for The Daily Soup not being update for the past few weeks, work have stopped all on-work internet usage (good thing that doesn't apply to email!), so i've not had the chance to update recently!

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