Monday, 17 December 2007

Squashed Sweet Pepper

Todays recipe is for Squashed Sweet Pepper Soup
1/2 green squash (i'm not sure what the variety is - its a grass green colour medium sized pumpkin shaped squash. It has bright orange insides)
1 yellow pepper
1 green pepper
1pt veg stock
good gind black pepper.
Skin and dice the squash and cook until soft.
Slice peppers and add to the squash after its soft until the peppers are softened.
Strain out squash and peppers into a blender.
Slowly add the stock to blend until it is a thickish liquid consistency.
Grind black pepper in and blend a bit more to disperse it.
Simple and easy...and very very tasty!! Some people might wish to add a little salt, but not a lot!
Let me know if you try it and enjoy it (or not).

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