Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A Warning

Today, my friends I learnt a very important lesson, and it is on that I am going to share with you:
When making soup, and using a blender, try to make sure that the soup has cooled a bit...other wise it really really hurts when the lid comes off the blender and you end up showering in soup...
Yes, my dear readers, I managed to shower myself in hot soup this morning.
I made yesterday's soup again, and added a medium potato, a sprinkling of chilli flakes and a sprinkling of garlic flakes. I then blended it all together, little by little like normal.
The first spoonful blended beautifully. The second tried to lift the top off, so I  put less in the third go. That one also tried to lift the lid off, so I decided that this was time to give up and have slightly lumpy soup (rustic I'd like to call it...). As I took the jug off of the blender (I use a smoothie type thing), the thing turned itself on and showered soup everywhere! It was really hot, so I've succeeded in scalding most of my right arm (including that really painful bit where your shoulder and armpit meet), and my left hand and wrist.
I put cold water on it and swore a lot, and now I'm at work where the air conditioning is constantly cool, and the burning is starting to go down. I still have soup in my hair...
So, dear readers, please take heed of my little incident and don't try to blend soup that is too hot, in case you have the same accident. Soup in the hair is not attractive.

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