Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Swedely tasty

This is a lovely warming, tasty thick soup
1 large swede
11/2 yellow peppers
1 good handful tiny mushrooms (they were medium sized mushrom, but they were left in the fridge a bitt oo long and dried out...)
good grind black pepper
1pt veg stock
1/2 pt water
peel, dice and cook the swede. When it has sufficiently softened, throw the peppers and the mushrooms in for 10 mins to soften and cook.
Blend the swede and the peppers together with the mushrooms, add veg stock to help it all along. If its too thick, or the blender gets stuck, add 1/2 pt water.
Add black pepper and give it a good stir.
This comes out as s strange khaki coloured soup, it is nice and tasty and quite sweet from the swede. It has a great rooty, wintery taste and is best enjoyed really warm.
Again, if anyone's giving these recipes a go, let me know how you're getting on!
And remind me to put the recipe up for 'cheater's homemade soup' at some point. It was fairly tasty, but not as tasty as if i'd made the whole lot myself!

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Hamster said...

I've just tried this and it was really nice. I didn't have any mushrooms, but I put an onion in instead. It was quite watery, but seems to have thickened now it's cooled down, and it tasted very nice. We only really eat swede mashed with potato or in gratin, so it's nice to have something new to do with it!